Order Sale Program on Mobile




  • Opening Quotation or a Quotation, Order orders from customers (Sale Order) on the network, Internet (Internet) directly. The print out immediately.
  • Order received from clients, issuing Invoice sales, check inventory (Stock) at any time (Realtime).
  • Check Credit (Credit Limit) check customer history attached Blackwood lists (Blacklist) or check for outstanding debt.
  • Check that had been sold to customers. Ready to set the price policy, promotion of products to customers in each. The Automatic
  • Web Application running on the system can connect anywhere. Every time an Internet-ready signal linked to the accounting system, ERP system perfectly.
  • Reduce data errors And documents
  • Sales (Sale) can issue sales documents anywhere, anytime without the need to access Office documents do not need to repeat Key Accounts.
  • Administrators can view reports of sales by product, by sales, by region, by sector, based on products and other items for immediate transfer to ERP.
  • Sale Online Can connect to GPS Tracking, Logistic with your PDA or Pocket PC, it looks for businesses that sell a car units (Van Sales) or mobile sales. The preferred route of delivery (Fleet Management) to stop at once.

“Software sales online The program will make your business better than competitive.”