CRM System On Mobile

ระบบ CRM

Overview for Program CRM or CRM System

Customer Relationship Management (Roxket CRM System) is a business strategy to deal with all customers to help raise money for the organization by ensuring that customers receive the best service. Means fast service To achieve the goal

Customer Relationship Management (Roxket CRM System) system is a Mobile Application Management Solutions that support the Android operating system on a system developed to support the sale. Marketing and communication with customers. Supported by Since the process of raising its client database and track the sales and quotation business owners. Notify promotion Through client engagements with a salesman learned through Mobile Application easy for all businesses by aggressive marketing.

Currently, the company operates as a distributor and supplier of consumer products with a lot. Competitive market So business owners should have the tools that will help in the development of the enterprise to increase sales and to work for a salesperson to work quickly, professionally. Customer response system for accidents from the sale will help business owners, salespeople and customer data used in this system. It consists of More news Product Information Promotions, product information, customer information, the navigation system to the sales staff. Information on the progress of the work schedule for issuing quotations. The executive can approve quotations through. Report can be sold at any time. To be targeting the enterprise storage products in the next quarter. Customer data or data from all organizations, whether they are inside or outside the company. When data is integrated. It can be exploited to meet the needs of customers by more convenient.

Feature for Program CRM or CRM System

The system supports the Android includes a statement after working through the Web application.

The system supports both Online and offline

The system has a notification immediately system through Cloud.

The system can record customer information and Edit customer data

The system can record more detail. And updated with the latest promotions with sales through the system.

The system can upload the sample product categories and albums.

Customers can navigate to coordinates on a Google map to find work through the system.

The system can report on the progress of the sale immediately.

The system can issue a quotation and sent to the central Check the immediately.

The system can support up to Sync Data to the Cloud can be viewed online.

The system can show the details date and time to sensitive customers.

The system can be added to the message to employees sold through the system.

Advantage of Program CRM or CRM System

The system works through Mobile application can be informed about the problems that arise quickly and easily.

Sales can view customer data through the system.

Sales can show information Promotions latest offer customers more quickly and easily.

Staff can appointments for clients through the system. Select an specific or private.

The system can reduces duplicate documents.

The system can monitor the performance of sales conveniently and easier.

The system can monitor and track sold performance easier.

Create a positive image of the organization by using modern technologies.

The system can be installed and used immediately.

The system supports connectivity to ERP systems in the future.

Administrators can view reports through the system.