Inspection System

ภาพรวมของโปรแกรมตรวจรับคอนโด หรือ อสังหาริมทรัพย์


This smartphone application for real estate project owner improve efficiency and reduce spending.

Provide a tool for customer management.

Ease and enhance the QC process.

Analysing and managing the suppliers’ quality.

Market Potential / Proof of Concept / Value to Public or Government (350 words max)

Real estate project (Condominium)

Construction project (Hotel, Apartment, Dormitory)

Engineering project

Inspection for government’s road construction


Self installation with minimal setup.

Enable both offline and online use cases.

Capture construction defect as images, mark issues, and describe problem’s details.

Design a reporting form with automatic email to supplier and easy to understand reports

Backend system for managing information provided.

Quality (Technology, Methodology, Packaging and Recognition)

To understand customer and user requirements.

More than 15 projects using this system.

Developed with native languages for each platform for best performance.